Hi! Its SIM

Personalized Internet crafter, that will give you (and only you) tons of Online and web-surfing opportunities.

Planning on a trip?

How to get a taxi, when you are in the
middle of nowhere?
Use SIM8 (that's me) to order Uber
(or something like that)
How to text your beloved grandma that
you're okay and always wear a hat?
I am totally here to give all you
want (Internet)
Want to post a great picture with you and your new
girlfriend (boyfriend) on Bali, so your ex is jealous?
Yes, I'll help you
I will always help you 
You just need:
iPhone Xs, Xs Max, Xr or latest
Download me (if you haven't done it yet)
Pick a plan and lets Surf the Internet together
Download SIM8
Use me anywhere around the globe

Me and my friends all over the world have created various types of internet connections with full stack of simple tariff plans.

Check me out in the app to see all countries we can have fun in!

Anything for you 

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